For Wholesale Buyers

Herbs and Spice Grown to Spec

  • Dried herbs and spices production
  • Certificate of Authenticity available
  • Quality and consistency you can count on

We would love to work with you as a wholesale purchaser, but please note that you must be a registered business or reseller to participate!

What is your primary reason for buying our products? *

  • Reselling bulk

  • Using our ingrediants to make your own products

  • Reselling value added products ie. Teas, oils, spice blend etc.

Type of Company *

  • Retail Shop

  • Institution

  • Resturant/Hotel/Resorts/Canteen

  • Manufacturer/Product Maker

  • Other

Are you interested in having your annual needs met by contracting us to grow for you? *

  • Yes, I'm interested in securing a specific quantity of specific herbs that meet our agreed upon specs

  • Not at this time, I'll rely on what inventory is available online

Have you ordered from us before? *

  • Yes

  • No

Contact Us

Plot 285, Block 250, Bunga Hill, P.O.Box 34335, Kampala, Uganda.

+256 393 208609
+256 701 970698

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