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     we pack the way you like. 
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    We strongly believe in not altering nature;
    all our planting materials are strictly
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    Food quality and safety is our priority.
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    Minimizing environmental impact;
    Following Good agriculture practice.
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    Eat Clean and Green , Eat Organic.

Welcome to
Essence of Africa

“Essence of Africa” as the name suggests brings you the soul of African continent through its superior produce grown and processed in the heart of Africa, by Africans.

Essence of Africa entered the agro and food processing sector with one single goal of promoting Africa’s farming community to the outer world and providing the consumers with its finest products.

Essence of Africa maintains highest standard in farm practices and processing; The very best and reliable techniques are applied to produce the right quality and maintain the full flavor/aroma and nutrients of the products.

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Chili and pepper

We offer different varieties of chili pepper grown and dried under expert supervision and stored well after drying for optimum freshness. Chili peppers are packed and supplied whole or crushed into flakes (1-5 mm) and fine powder.

Dry Fruit

Excellent snacks of dry tropical fruits sourced from Uganda with intense natural sweetness and unique fruit flavors. Our snacks are naturally sundried and contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, pure Organic, Vegan friendly, portable for office, on the go and child's lunch box.


We offer different varieties and forms of vanilla from grade A gourmet grade, grade B (extraction grade), vanilla cuts, and vanilla powder. Gourmet grade with moisture between 28 to 33% 12 to 18cm long and Extraction Grade 17% moisture with split and short beans. Vanilla flavor can be executed through cooking vanilla pods by splitting pods into two, making vanilla extract, and other uses.

Herbal loose leaf

We make a wide range of quality wholesale herbal blends with unique ingredients bound to give you plenty of choices to pick. We grow and blend the highest quality herbs that meet your specifications. You can choose single herb or herbal blends, which are available in three forms, loose-leaf, crushed, or powdered.

Roots and peels

Branding and private labeling

We offer several different packaging options to customers with their choice of labels to brand on the packaging. They include handmade paper bags, sachets, BOPP bags, tins, glass tubes, bottles, and cartoons.

Enviornment friendly - Brown paper Bag.
Hand made tea bag sachet
Tea Bag Sachet - Craft paper
TIN Packing
Glass jar - Vanilla Powder
Glass tube packing - Vanilla beans
Tea box
Bag With Beathing Valve
Contract Farming

We grow exotic crops under expert supervision at our farm and through our small holder farmers on contractual basis.

Each crop is properly planned in union with the customer, taking in to consideration all the specification requirements like the size, shape, color and the texture of the produce.

The product is grown on exclusive basis and is not sold to other markets than the contracted buyer.

We strictly follow principle of one product one client.


Our herbal products go through solar drying and are carefully monitored to retain their unique specific features like the fragrance, the taste, the flavor, and the natural color.

Our chili goes through a hybrid dryer, a slow drying processing that preserves the flavor and the spice of the chili.

We have a modern facility with the capacity of processing the products into different forms like flakes according to customers' specifications and powder.

Our processing facility is registered with the FDA; therefore, our products meet the quality food standards for human consumption.

What Our Customers Say

“Exceptional quality; beautiful, elegant, professional...
I would strongly recommend Essence of Africa Source as the top agro and food processing company”

“Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly.
The first being the superior quality of your products And the second, your value of customer service.”

“Essence of Africa Source has been very professional and I appreciate their approach in providing
products quality in agro and food processing sector. ”


Contact Us

Plot 285, Block 250, Bunga Hill, P.O.Box 34335, Kampala, Uganda.

+256 393 208609
+256 701 970698


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